The human hair extensions have to be washed at least once in a week with shampoo for dry hair. The shampooing should be done in lukewarm water.

Each time the hair is shampooed it has to be followed by conditioning using a conditioner for dry hair in water at room temperature. Avoid products in which the shampoo and conditioners are mixed together.

The hair extensions and wigs made with 100% natural human hair are no more directly attached to the scalp and therefore the natural oils do not flow on to the hair. Thus, the oil has to be applied topically to maintain the resilience and lustre. Virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil and virgin almond oil are considered to be a good alternative for natural oils. Apply a few drops of the oil of your choice mixed with lukewarm water after washing. Make sure that you are not applying more than a few drops, otherwise the hair will become sticky and would attract dust particles from the atmosphere.

The hair extensions and wigs made using 100% Natural Human Hair would have the cuticles intact running in one direction. Care has to be given while combing the care. The hair pieces and wigs should be combed starting at the bottom (tail end) first and towards the top.

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